Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thank You Jesus!

Excerpts from the documentary Marjoe. Marjoe Gortner was an evangelical preacher who decided to reveal his profession's tricks of the trade.

"You start with a guy who obviously has a problem," he explained. "You've got to begin on that premise. Things haven't worked out for him, or he's looking for something, or whatever. So he goes to one of these revivals. He hears very regimented things. He sees a lot of people glowing around him -- people who seem very, very happy -- and they're all inviting him to come in and join the clique and it looks great. They say, 'Hey, my life was changed!' or 'Hey, I found a new job!' That's when he's ready to get saved, or Born Again; and once he's saved, they all pat him on the back. It's like he's been admitted to this very special elite little club."
Check out the postive atheism site for more on Gortner.

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