Sunday, November 06, 2005

Writing Topics

Shaving wounds
Straight backed chairs
Grabbing at straws
Going Greyhound
Dealing with bacon grease
The third opinion that thoroughly confuses you
Half-baked people
Half-baked ideas
Half-baked pie
Melting snow that makes impassable streams
Midnight phone calls
Wrong numbers
Exit wounds
Falling asleep on the lawn
The day that slips away
The absence of waves
Best laid plans
The best planned lays
Non-dairy spreads
Turkey roll
Recipes for disaster
45 consecutive days of rain
Wet lawn furniture
O'Hare Airport
Low fat cheese
Emotional tidiness
Family-size Velveeta
Wet wool
Hollow chocolate bunnies
Sex on a metal bed frame
Typewriters I have known and...
Tuneless whistling
Dirty city snow
Threading correction ribbon
Library fines