Monday, May 12, 2008

No Pie; Cake

My son has been planning his 8th birthday festivities for about three months now. We've settled on an activity - boating at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. I had to talk him down from the idea of renting a motor boat that he and his sister could drive. Seems his estimation of his amazing 8-year old powers are a bit inflated. Now we just have to settle on the cake. There are three contenders.
  1. The R2-D2 Cake (A friend suggested this one and to be honest, perhaps he has over-estimated my pastry-making abilities ever so slightly. I'd need more than the force to pull this off.)
  2. The Lego Cake is more my speed.
  3. Speaking of Speed. Carter is caught up in the Speed Racer movie marketing push and wants a Speed Racer ice cream cake from B & R. Spritle! Chim Chim! Come out of the glove compartment!

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