Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Snow/First Sled Ride

We made it to Flagstaff without mortgaging the boy, but just barely. It was touch and go what with the one hour it took to get out of Phoenix/Scottsdale on the 101 loop. But once we made it Flagstaff and ate at the Route 66 Dog Haus (a drive-through hot dog place shaped like a - you guessed it) there was a little less 'tudiness all around - except for Olivia who refused to order anything at this fine establishment.

We found ourselves an over-priced tourist sled and headed to Crowley Pit. Now I'll grant you - Crowley Pit - while not the most inspiring name for a snow area is fairly self-descriptive. This marks the first time any of our kids had seen snow. They took to it like baby seals or something like that.

Everyone who could voluntarily hold themselves in an upright position had a turn on the sled. The beauty part is that it started to snow while we were there, so the kids saw falling snow - just in case they were thinking it came up from the ground.

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jon said...

and you have 3 kids? wonder woman! cute kids.