Wednesday, January 09, 2008

First Pie of the New Year.

I'm not a big fan of Pecan pie, but you wouldn't know it from this blog - half of the pie recipes I have on here are for pecan pie. In fact, it is the same pie recipe posted twice. But honestly, Chocolate Pecan Pie with Bourbon - it's mighty tasty. And, over the past two years, I've mastered the technique for making them. I made two CPP's avec Bourbon for Christmas and they were absolute perfection. Well, there was too much Bourbon. I never thought I would say such a thing but - unequivocally - 4Tbs of Bourbon is beyond my tolerance (in pie). Texture-wise though, these pies were light and moist. I took a bite and it almost made me cry. If I sit here and use my incredible powers of concentration, I start to well up from the memory of those pies. But I am a professionally trained actor and I spent a lot of money so I would be able to do fancy stuff like make myself cry over the memory of pie. I don't advise it.

For New Year's I made - guess what? Pecan Pie. But with a twist - German Chocolate Pecan Pie. I saw a picture of this in the Rachel Ray magazine and it oozed yummy goodness so I had to give it a try. This is the easiest pecan pie recipe ever and it is indeed, scrumptious. Rachel Ray is a beloved figure in our household. My daughter, Olivia, loves 30 Minute Meals, but it confuses her that Rachel changes her shirt every thirty minutes. "Why did her change her shirt?" "She must have gotten chili on it." Olivia thinks Rach is our neighbor. Yep. "Where is her bedroom, Mommy? When can we have dinner at her house?" I let this go on because frankly, it is so charming and precious. She'll hate me one day for it I'm sure.

New Year. New Rules.
Given that it's My Bill Murray Year, I'm compelled to make some changes. I must. There. I've said it. I must. There are a lot of pies out there and they must be tried. They Must. So, one of my resolutions for the New Year is to branch out pie-wise. Expect to see some posts about fruit pies.

No. That's not all. Oh no. I'm going to make friends with the Internet this year. I'm going to be chatting it up regularly. Internet: you are my new best friend. I'm going to spill and consume your energy like a needy, undervalued girlfriend. But my self-esteem will remain intact, know why Internet? Because I'm in charge and you are a disembodied figment of my imagination, kind of. Plus, you apparently have no way of responding. Let's keep that channel going one way shall we? Hmm?

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