Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today's Pie is Envy.

And an American dollop (and we know how big those dollops are, don't we?) of admiration for Chris Boyd's 3 part interview with Laurie Anderson. Lucky, lucky boy.





Chris Boyd said...

I am, indeed, a lucky boy(d)...

After an hour and an bit, I wound things up -- figuring I had taken quite enough of Laurie's time.

I keep finding tinsel quotations, thoughts and ideas, that I want to hold up to the light and share with her. Just to hear her oblique, thoughtful, imaginative response.

I'm sure she'd want me to recommend George Trow's In the Context of No Context to you and yours, E.


P.S. Loved the lettuce/garlic post, you scurvy knave! I hope it becomes an on-going saga! (My response to folks who bang on about all-things-organic is, typically, a petulent: "Sulfuric acid is organic. "

Bio-dynamic is even funnier!

E. Hunter Spreen said...


Within the Context of No Context is one of my all-time favorite books.

And since you brought it up, my son is very fond of sulfuric acid. As a concept it tickles him to no end.