Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hey. I'm still wrapping Christmas presents. Really. My husband's birthday was last Friday and I haven't wrapped his gifts, signed his cards or done that really special something for him. You know, bathed the dogs.

Why? I have a problem with time. Like for the past - let's just say several years. I can be "on time." Sure. But the big picture - let's just say for me it's pretty f-ing big. No edges, borders or frames. I thought it was bad when I was doing summer stock and all the days became the same. But things have become even less defined. Don't know what to make of it. Perhaps there will be
a pill soon.

But today. Today. I am resolved to clear off my desk.
How does this happen? Simple. First the kitchen counter gets covered with this stuff and then I clean up the kitchen and move it to here, thinking I'll get around to putting it away. But it never happens. It builds up over time and this is what I get. I dream of having one of those clean, minimalist desks like you see in Dwell, Real Simple, or Sunset.

I'll settle for some workspace.

So. Today. Since the babysitter canceled, I'm going to enlist my daughter and we're going to have at the desk.

Oops. It's almost naptime.

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