Monday, August 28, 2006

You Had Me At Camus

Looks like "The Decider" is on his way to becoming *gak* a reader! Guess he'll try anything to boost his popularity. Check out his complete summer reading list here. You've got to hand it to him, a man who claims that he only reads the newspaper to "get a flavor of what's moving" and can barely form a sentence has read Camus' The Stranger and discussed existentialism with Tony Snow.
"He found it an interesting book and a quick read," said Mr Snow. "I don't want to go too deep into it, but we discussed the origins of existentialism."
And to think it all started five years ago with My Pet Goat. Check out the Supplemental Reading List here.

Note to GB: Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day. - Camus

Anything you'd like to suggest George read?

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