Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Stalker Comes in for Tea

OOOH! The light here hurts my eyes. First off, hi. I'm the Reverend. I've been a daily fan of Elizabeth's entries and this here Piefurcation blog for quite some time now. It's entertaining and from what I can tell, a sight more accurate and informative than anything you'll find on Fox. I was content to sit back here in the dark and post the occasional snide comment. Then it happened. Elizabeth asked me if I'd like to contribute. (pause) I felt like a stalker whose victim suddenly turned, walked right up to him, and asked him in for tea. There's been a distinct power shift and I'm very uneasy. But the tea is delicious. I think I'll drop in once in a while. And one more thing. You out there. Yeah... You. And you too. I encourage you to post a comment now and then. The more the merrier. Hey! I'm a stalker fer chrissakes. If I can come out of the shadows, so can you.

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E- said...

Hey Rev,welcome. An odd shift here, me posting the comments? Glad you like the tea, we like it strong here, steeped in extra hot, hot water. Looking forward to your next missive.