Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Planned Obsolescence

Where is the cinnamon dental floss? Has it come to this? Honestly, I've had to live with my share of disappointment (I'm going to make a list), so it's the little things that get me by (list 2). I've managed okay since they took Quisp off the market for the second time in my life (I first swallowed that bitter pill when I was six and if you know me, it probably explains a lot). How I manage without my "Quispy, quunchy, quazy energy cereal" I'll never know, but I do. I do. Actually, I've just found that you can buy Quisp online here. Egads! I'm getting my credit card now! Be back in a flash.


Yep. Very few things are worth lifetime devotion, but Quisp, it's right up there. Buy some yourself and you'll see, rather you'll taste, true cereal goodness. I wouldn't steer you wrong. Now where were we? Right. There's been a definite decline in the quality and quantity of cinnamon floss. It's like year after year they're cutting back on the flavor. If you have a box of cinnamon floss do a taste comparison with mint floss and you'll see. Skimping on the cinnamon.

It used to be that I could walk into Target and the cinnamon floss would be there ready for the purchasing. I could buy a box at a time. Not so anymore. It's gotten so desperate in the past three years that I've taken to hoarding the cinnamon floss - buying five, six boxes at a time. I thought over-purchasing would indicate that there's a steady, dependable market for it, but no. I went to Target the other day and there was no cinnamon floss! They had even removed the little peg/label thingies indicating to me that there would be no more cinnamon floss. Target has taken a stand and declared there are only two kinds of people in the world - Mint and flavorless flossers. Lots of textures though. Easy glide, waxed, tape, it's like floss has become aero-dynamic. People are losing valuable moments of their lives because their floss is creating drag. Floss makers aren't just in the business of preventing gingivitis, they're also giving us a little bit of our lives back every day in every way.

Well, I don't want it. I prefer to live on the edge, grab life by the balls and cut my life short with cinnamon floss. There are worse ways to go.

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