Sunday, June 11, 2006

People Movies with Animal Names

I go to the movies a lot. I'm beginning to think I'm an animated car and the animals in my yard are cute drawings that talk. Two flicks I've seen recently have thankfully snapped me the hell out of it. Yes, I am a people and I have two people movies to prove it. They have names that sound like National Geographic specials so don't get fooled and let em pass you by. See "The Squid and the Whale" and "Junebug". Both are out on DVD. I hate it when our fellow homo sapiens give away the story so you're not hearing anything from me. Except that both are packed with exceptional actors saying the words of exceptional writers. Okay and this. "Junebug" was my favorite. Actor Scott Wilson is always a joy to see and Amy Adams, who I've never seen before but hope to see a lot more of, gives the performance of a lifetime. Gary Hawkins, writing in the magazine Oxford American compares what she's done to DeNiro's Travis Bickle or Sheen and Spacek in "Badlands" All will go on to great work but not surpass that perfect blend of performer and role. Enjoy fellow humans.

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