Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Left Behind: The Video Game

Gee, nothing says Old Testament like a video game that combines killing with the word of God. If you're a good little Reconstructionist maybe Santa will leave one in your stocking. Oh, wait. If we restore old testament law does that mean we lose Christmas?

Check out "Jesus Loves A Machine Gun" for more info on the game.

More on Reconstructionists. Here, and here on their own site. Here, here, and here for other views.

Point of clarification: I know the Left Behind crowd are premillenialists and that Reconstructionists are post-millenialists. My own twisted sense of humor made me go
for the eschatological smash-up.

Thanks to the Rev for this morning's material.

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Reverend said...

I pray every day. If I'm left here on earth after The Rapture, I'll be madder than a wet hen. It's comforting to know however that through judicious use of good deeds and automatic weapons I can still get my heaven ticket punched. Thanks Left Behind!