Monday, May 08, 2006

Procrastination Meme

I am wrapped up in a blue and white afghan.
I want brownies. I want them now!
I wish
I had discovered Terry Teachout's procrastination meme sooner. My whole weekend was an absymal drift of avoidance with nothing to look busy doing.
I hate
to be spoken to in third person. Actually, the absurdity of it gives me a giddy thrill, but the "California-ness "of it is pretty creepy.
I love to hear my kids laugh.
I miss Arrested Development and Hunter S. Thompson.
I fear I sound like my mother, literally.
I hear birds singing outside my window.
I wonder what goes through George Bush's mind. Is it just white noise?
I regret I am not good at pool.
I am not available to take your calls.
I dance with my daughter to Corazón de Melon.
I sing with Nina Simone when I'm driving in my car.
I cry when I watch Secretariat win the Triple Crown, cheesy music aside.
I am not always patient or even present.
I make with my hands nasty gestures at people who cut me off in traffic.
I write notes on bits of paper I either lose or can't make sense of.
I confuse helpfulness with a desire to impose an agenda.
I need a massage.
I should pay my library fines.
I start each day far earlier than I'd like.
I finish later rather than sooner.
I tag the Reverend and the next person who reads this.

1 comment:

Reverend said...

I am- a procrastinator who does stuff once in a while.
I want-a real President
I wish-I looked people in the eye more often even though
sometimes it's not worth it.
I hate-people who talk loudly on their cell phones in a
crowded elevator.
I love-baseball. The game itself is idiot proof.
I miss-the thrill of walking home from school as a kid on
that magic June day that summer vacation started
I fear-being homeless and dependent
I hear-Tanya Roberts hawking Las Vegas vacations on
Fox Sports radio
I wonder-if we'll ever wise up or just let the cockroaches
take over.
I regret-not having more confidence in myself.
I am not-ever going to like liver.
I dance-by myself in my apartment. Sometimes I dance
down the hallway into the bathroom so I can
admire my moves in the mirror.
I sing-real loud while I'm driving.
I cry-rarely and when I do I never see it coming.
I am not always-patient with others.
I make with my hands-flawless Faberge eggs from
scratch. No wait, that's with my
I write-rarely but I enjoy it once I start.
I confuse-my ass and a hole in the ground on occasion.
I need-solitude and people.
I should-choose a role for myself.
I start-every weekday with a bike ride.
I finish-more things than I give myself credit for.
I tag-Lemmy and all others who read this to do this.