Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Guess You Had To Be There

Dana Milbank's contention that Stephen Colbert's speech "wasn't terribly funny." puts an ironic twist on the old comedy saw. Apparently, you just had to be there to truly appreciate how unfunny Colbert was.

Milbank told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann that:

"I don't think he really crossed the line. I just think he wasn't terribly funny. And he had the misfortune of following Bush, who actually did put on one of the better performances of his presidency." (Washington Post)
Hmmm. Which performances are those? The one where he gives the cocksure 2003 State of the Union Address about WMD's? Or the one where he does the top gun "Mission Accomplished" impersonation aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS in May of the same year?
How about the one where he says when he finds out who the "leaker" is, that person will be fired? Or the one where he flies over New Orleans looking concerned? Just trying to understand the method of selection here.

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