Saturday, May 27, 2006

Anne Braden

Anne Braden died on March 6 of this year. When I was in my twenties still living in Louisville, I was introduced to Anne when I worked briefly for an organization called the Kentucky Alliance. In 1954, Anne and her husband, Carl, were arrested for sedition after a home they purchased for an African American family in an all white suburb of Louisville was firebombed. They were charged with inciting civil unrest. Carl served 7 months of his 15 year prison term before the case was overturned. Anne was never brought to trial. The couple had been reporters for the Louisville Times, after their arrest they were unemployable and shunned by the community. They chose to stick it out and committed their lives to fighting for civil rights.

Read more here and here. Listen to a radio interview here or watch a video interview here.
Read Finding the Other America by Anne Braden.

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