Saturday, April 01, 2006

DIY: The Truth Is Out There

You want the truth, sporto? You can't handle the truth. Well, maybe you can, but not without an Arab to English dictionary. On Thursday, the US government published 600 captured Iraqi government documents on the Internet so that bloggers can wade through them and publish their findings.
"Let's unleash the power of the Internet on these documents," said House Intelligence Chairman Peter Hoekstra. "I don't know if there's a smoking gun on WMD or not. But it will give us a better understanding of what was going on in Iraq before the war."
Hold up! Peter, are you saying we had no intelligence to support the invasion of Iraq? Shucks! You'd think an admission like that would warrant front page above the fold coverage or a media blitz on all the cable news channels. Aw, this post-911 world, she's a beautiful thing.

Given that the Iraq Survey Group found no stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction after the war, and the Sept. 11 commission reported it found no "collaborative relationship" between Iraq and al-Qaida, the Fed's sudden "open-source government" policy seems dubious to some. Suspicions are high that there is a desire to put Bush's ever-evolving premises for going to war in a good light.
"I would bet that the materials that they chose to post were the ones that were suggestive of a threat," said John Prados, author of the book, "Hoodwinked: The Documents That Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War."
Well, you'll never know unless you get busy! There are up to 55,000 boxes of documents. Woohoo! Good times!

e WMD humor courtesy of Bill Hicks from Bush War 1, but boys and girls, this stuff is timeless.

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